New Menu Update

A Lifetime Commitment

Never have we had such an emotional outpouring as we have had since we took our beloved potato skins off the menu... so much so that we are bringing them back!

Here is a sneak peak at our favourite piece of feedback when we said they were only coming back as a special: “Dear BB, come back as a special? I don’t want them to be a dirty one night stand or a girl that hangs around for a couple of weeks for some extra play time. I want marriage, the real deal. A lifetime commitment. However, everyone deserves a second chance. The balls in your court.

Love - Potato Skins Lover."

More Pork Ya Dork

With almost as much uproar as the skins, it was clear our pork burger was something you couldn't bare to lose. But sometimes you don't know what you've got untill it's gone.

So much to our delight, our adored Pork burger is back! Packed with Harmony 6-hour pulled pork shoulder (free-range of course), gooey homemade BBQ sauce. apple mint slaw doused in creamy mayo!

Vegan's Unite

With alll the amazing feedback we've received on our new menu, you've also told us where we need to improve - So let us re-introduce you to our vegan burger!

Made with a mushroom, quinoa & walnut patty, roasted field mushroom, baby spinach, vegan swiss cheese, caramelised onion, green vegan aioli, tomato jam in a vegan gluten-free bun.


Team BB

Takapuna Winterfest - All August

BB TAKAPUNA WINTERFEST presents the coolest deals everyday!

Rug up & wrap up because we are not missing out on these colder days. Every day for a month (4 weeks) we're celebrating the best we have to offer. Check out the weekly line up below >>>

Grab the little ones and join us weekly every Monday from 11:30am - Kids Eat Free. One complimentary kids meal (under 12 years old) when parents dine. One child per parent.

The $20 Reel Deal! About to hit a show/movie or maybe you just did? Well, hold on to your tix people because they mean Reel Deal peeps. For $20 choose any $15 burger, shoestring or curly fries & your choice of a house-made soda. Pre or post show, go on treat yourself, twice. Put your tix to work as the offer’s only valid on the day of show/Tuesday’s.

Join us & our friends from Sawmill Brewery for a tastebud explosion & information overload. Get ready to explore hops with crisp, tart and malty aromas matched with a selection of deliciously, juicy burgers... Sit back and let the beer experts from Sawmill walk you through the weird & wonderful flavour complexities while a Burger Burger connoisseur shares some intel behind our simple, honest burgers.
* 3 delicious lil’ burgers matched with 3 tasty beersies.
* 6:30pm, $30pp, 1 hour
* Book here >>

For $25 choose any $15 burger, shoestring, curly fries or charred broccoli & either a house-made soda, Beer Beer, or a small MOMO Sav Blanc or Pinot Noir. All day long!

Enjoy our Double Trouble Jazzy Hour (a.k.a. happy hour) prices all day long baby.

- 2x glasses of Sauvignon Blanc for $13
- 2x glasses of Prosecco & Pinot Noir for $16
- 2x glasses of Beer Beer for $12 or 2x jugs for $32
- 2x cocktails for $22 - Choose between our Buzzy Lemonade, Pineapple Mojito or Coruba Libre

2 cocktails for $22. Because everything is better in two’s or with a friend. Choose between the Buzzy Lemonade, Pineapple Mojito's & Coruba Libre, all day!

2 for 1 fries. All the good stuff, shoestring or curly fries. Limited to one discount per group, from 4pm.

**Conditions apply – be sure to ask our amazing Takapuna team for all the details.

Our New Juicy Menu

Double the size, double the juiciness!

DOUBLE BEEF & CHEESE, is now a permanent feature on our menu! BB’s double NZ grass-fed beef partly (340g), pickles, aged cheddar, mustard, tomato jam, mayo.

How HAWT do you like it?

Hello crispy AF Fried Chicken & Tofu. Choose your heat? Original, Spice & Smoke or Blow Your Head off HOTT!

Fresh fish straight off the boat?

Would you like it beer battered, pinko-crumbed or pan fried? You choose!

We've bean expecting you!

We are spicing things up with our latest & greatest side Edamame Beans served with spiced salt.

We LOVE Sawmill!

Crispy cold beers by our favourite brewery. Sawmill make beer to taste clean and hour the ingredients. They make beer with roots. No sugar, preservatives or added colour. All beers are unpasteurised. You pick: Beer Beer Pilsner IPA Seasonal.


Teaming up with our mates from McClures to bring you the ultimate liquid life saver for the weekend warriors with a pickley twist the MCCLURES MARY plus the dreamy combo BEER & SPEARS!

Ciao Ciao for now!

We’ve given our some of our BB originals a quick rest off the menu for a while including our classic PORK burger, potato skins & onion rings! Not to worry they will be making a mighty come back as a special very shortly so stay tuned. We love hearing all feedback both positive & constructive. Happy burger eating!

Check out our full menu here.

Your Insiders Guide To The Best Burgers in LA

Whilst we would LOVE to claim the best burgers in the WORLD many would say that burgers true home is the great US of A soooo we sent our good friends Ben & Julie Barter on the very important taste testing mission to find the hottest burger spots in LA. Ben and Julie Barter are newly weds and live in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Ben is the touring drummer for Lorde, Jarryd James and a few others and has recorded drums for artists such as Kacy Musgraves, Kflay, Broods and more. Julie is a Los Angeles native and a fashion designer currently designing for & Other Stories' Los Angeles atelier. They are both passionate about food and Ben has always been obsessed with finding the perfect cheeseburger.


Burgers Never Say Die

Our first burger spot was one that has been on the list for agessss! We first came across ‘BNSD’ when we were at our favorite pool bar, they had set up out the back but the line reached around the block & we couldn't get in. Now they have their very own cool little spot right in Silverlake.

Be warned there isn't a lot of space inside so prepare to get cozy when your fellow burger lovers (hot tip: the locals aren't the friendliest bunch either). The cheeseburger is pretty good, think Shake Shack style coupled with a hint of McDonalds. Soft bun, nice crispy patty and great fries. - @burgersneversaydie


The Apple Pan

This is hands down my favorite burger in LA and has been since my first juicy bite 10 years ago so I was very excited to go back! Julie also agreed I could go all out & have a coke with my meal which was a huuggeee treat. The Apple Pan hasn't changed a lot since it opened in 1947. They haven't heard of employee of the month and it really shows but that's all part of the charm.

The line is also a little awkward as it’s first in, best dressed for a seat so you need to interact with other diners to see who's next (hot tip: thankfully the people are a little more friendly here). Also you'll want to know what you want to order straight away as the servers don't have time for any nonsense. Make sure to try the Hickory Burger & ask for cheese, it's super fresh and everything you want a burger to be. You’ll be hard pressed to find a burger that beats this one! -



I once received a $50 voucher to In-N-Out and ate it every day for 2 weeks straight, it was one of the happiest 2 weeks of my life! It's always a good idea and they have nailed it down to a fine art with a very simple menu. If you talk to a regular there are a few insider tricks (a.k.a the not so secret menu) that are a must. Order your burger ‘Animal Style’, mustard is grilled into the patty and topped with lettuce, tomato, cheese, extra sauce, pickles and grilled onions or fries that are topped with cheese, In-N-Out's famous spread, and grilled onions. Want a bit more of a crunch ask for ‘Crispy Buns’ or for that extra kick ‘Chopped Chilli's’.

Milkshake fans you cannot go passed the ‘Neapolitan Shake’, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla all mixed together! For a mildly healthier option ‘Protein Style’ is where you want to be, the burger is wrapped in lettuce. The alternative to this would be the ‘Flying Dutchman’ where you'll have 10 patty's in your burger! - @innout


Monty's Good Burger

Our last stop on the burger crawl. Based in Koreatown they are relatively new and have been very popular as their burgers are 100% plant based! Insane but great for the planet and possibly our arteries. The line is very orderly with an extremely chipper host to guide you through the menu, again very simple, but my advice would be order the single cheeseburger.

The virtuous ingredients have been planned perfectly to get a pretty accurate real cheeseburger flavor & feel. They also have Tater Tots on the menu and they are always fun! -@montysgoodburger