When we opened in May, we commissioned 22 artists to each bring a wall panel to life. We set the theme “Conversations & Possibilities” & off they went. They have been sitting pretty & enjoyed by all our burger-loving customers this year, now they are ready to find their forever home.
Please join us to celebrate some incredible artists over delicious snacks, tasty beverages & a one of a kind auction for our friends at The Brain Injured Children’s Trust.
Wednesday 27th November
10 Welles Street
Registration of interest is essential to >> burgerburger.co.nz/artauction

The Brain Injured Children’s Trust is very close to our heart as Co-Founder & Creative Director Mimi Gilmour beautiful daughter Olympia was born with severe brain damage. Since then we have been faced with the challenge of finding ways to give her the best possible chance at living her best life. One organisation that has supported them lot is the ‘Brain Injured Children’s Trust’. We wanted to help raise some much-needed funds this organisation needs to support families like ours.

Spread the word & we will see you there!


(left to right)
Kyla Kuzniarski – ‘Stay Rad’ splices together the fresh vintage vibes of Endless Summer, Lords of Dogtown, the mighty Valiant, cool af Landy, the honest Squareback and the kiwi bach life.
Alice Harcourt – A piece about a plastic ocean. I used acrylic on plywood and worked plastic bags into the paint.
Plastic pollution saddens me in a place I spend my most valued time in and around – the ocean.
This painting symbolises what we cannot often see, pollution but we need to take a closer look.”
Alice Mayo – I started drawing and never stopped. 112 hours later and this happened. A whole heap of colourful, crazy, floral madness. As if there isn’t already enough to look at, I’ve hidden a tiny Bubble O Bill ice cream in the mix that you are now going spend the next 5 minutes of your life trying to find.
Anto Mogridge – Using found imagery as the basis for exploring ideas. “Tama” is an Indian ink painting that presents the profile of well known New Zealand Maori activist and occasional Artist Tame Iti.
Becca Barclay
 (left to right)
Lauren Ramsey – My piece is intended to reflect the sense of fun and adventure that can be found in all of us.’
Louann Sidon – This piece was initially inspired by a David Attenborough nature documentary and the unique conversation between male and female Red Birds of Paradise. Through my work, I hope to remind people of the incredible beauty of our natural world and inspire people to help animal conservation.
Paul Walter – My piece ‘South Town Soul City’ was inspired by the funky, eclectic vibe that stretches along Welles Street. The beating heart of the cities most vibrant neighbourhood.
Ryan Robertson – I try to let my art speak for itself. Everyone looks at things differently so why should I tell them how to view it?
 (left to right)
Jessie Rawcliff – This painting was a chance to escape the digital realm for a good cause.
Joel Hart – Combining elements of stencil processes and screen printing, this mixed media graphic works often reveal themes such as beauty, mortality and decay, all filtered through a sophisticated use of technique, colour and balance
Johnny McFarlane – This work, entitled “The Burger Tower of Babel” is a food-inspired representation of the Tower of Babel, a story about the birth of languages. It was conceived at a time when Christchurch’s Muslim community was under siege – and the solid structure of the many layers combining to make a giant burger represents the incredible solidarity of the City and New Zealand who came together in the weeks and months after that sad event. But the real intent is to make you feel hungry, human and happy – and bring a smile to your face.
Josh O’Rourke -This painting is part of a larger investigation of work exploring formalism and process in painting and art-making. This series is centred around layers and disruptions of paint edges and surfaces, pairing hard-edge painting and fine-finished surfaces with a gestural and expressionistic paint application.
Uncle Harold – This piece comes from a place similar to his approach of skateboarding, wanting to have fun and break all the rules and try something different without taking anything too seriously.”
 (left to right)
Clint Park – The character is ‘Yelly whale’ and he is inspired by the whale from the paddling pool in New Brighton.
Georgia Harmon – My piece is called Whanaungatanga. And If I could go by Georgia Harmon rather than gsc or Georgia Due…doing some rebranding/redirection at the moment. Whanaungatanga basically represents a relationship through shared experiences creating a sense of belonging. I painted it just after the Mosque attacks. I was inspired by the love, support and beauty that rose in Christchurch post attacks. I’ve painted whales as they’re often symbolic to life and death in multiple cultures and because amongst the chaos of the stormy water surrounding them they float peacefully together…i think we could learn a lot from the creatures that surround us in the wild.
Harry King – My piece draws inspiration from one of my previous watercolour paintings I made mid last year. A few years ago I rolled into my mates flat & they’d acquired a local well-known taxi company’s magnet that they stick on the side of their whips. They had it stuck on the side of their fridge & I thought it looked legit.
Jacob Root – This piece is titled “Encaged Dreams” with the sole purpose of pushing the mindset of never giving up hope towards your passions and dreams in life.
Jack Hawke – Everybody deserves to have a good time. Just remember that Mother Nature also deserves to have a good time. That way she’ll be around for a long time.
  (left to right)
Lara Kate Marshall – This piece was inspired by the super bright, psychedelic skateboards of the 80’s which we all wished we could afford when we were kids. Routing work by Matt Smith.
Jay Skelton – The work is in the style of a cosmic comic book. It is supposed to represent that although sometimes we feel isolated and alone we are never truly alone. And that the universe is a much bigger place than what we believe.
Registration of interest is essential to >> burgerburger.co.nz/artauction
Team BB