Dear Christchurch Creatives,


When I first came to Christchurch to suss out some sights for our restaurant, Burger Burger, I found myself peering in the door of an old mechanics on Welles Street.  Inside I found a collective artist studio and for the first time in a long time my busy brain was transported into another world and I found myself standing there grinning like a kid.  You see there are three things I love most in this world – beautiful restaurants (spaces that intrigue & passionately encourage people to come together and share moments over a meal), art & beautiful humans.  There is no right and no wrong in creativity. It exists to keep our minds young and curious and to transport us into a world of possibility. Bringing Burger Burger to Christchurch is not just about expanding our BB dream all over NZ but it is us trying to find a way to be part of the Christchurch community – A city that has risen from devastation like none of us Aucklanders could ever imagine – and reinvented itself into one of the most exciting cities to be in NZ. 

The reason I feel so strongly about creating a collection of local artist works to include in our restaurant is that I realised the reason that moment was so special to me was that I hadn’t stopped and grinned like a kid for a while.  Two years ago my daughter, Olympia, was born with a huge brain injury. Since then we have been faced with the challenge of finding ways to give her the best possible chance at living her best life. One organisation that has supported us a lot is the ‘Brain Injured Childrens Trust’.  Our Burger Burger family would like to start an annual Art exhibition/auction that will celebrate local creativity and raise some much-needed funds this organisation needs to support families like ours. 

To begin this initiative we would like to commission 22 local artists to create a panel for our restaurant around the subject of ‘Conversations & Possibilities’.  In a years time, we will auction off these pieces and commission 22 more. We would be so grateful if you would consider joining us in this initiative & sharing the joy that your creativity will bring thousands & thousands of diners that walk through our doors every year and ultimately contributing to families that need a bit of extra love. 

Thank you for considering our proposal.

With all our Burger Burger love,
Mimi & Team BB