We are really excited to bring BANTER to you!  We work with so many interesting, inspiring & straight up epic humans that we wanted to share more about them with you, as well as a bit more about the food, beverage and hospitality scene that provides us with inspo on the daily.

The last year has been a big and busy one for us building our dream business and like many of you may know the journey comes with A LOT of lessons!  I often get approached to share my experiences as a business owner/entrepreneur by everyone from seasoned business owners to budding entrepreneurs contemplating taking the plunge to high-school kids who are dreaming about their future. The wisdom that has been passed on to me by those that I have sought help and guidance from has been so invaluable to my growth so I’d also like to share some of the Burger Burger bizzo journey with you in the hope that provides value to you, wherever you’re at.

One of the greatest lessons I have learnt along the way is that it’s not about me and what I think. Yes, you heard me right! To REALLY know what’s going on in your business you HAVE to make time to give your customers an opportunity to share their ideas, frustrations & favourite experiences with you. Late last year we interviewed 60 of our customers one on one, and it was so enlightening; things we thought were problems were not, we got some great ideas of how we can make our menu, initiatives & environments even more accommodating to you all AND we learnt that the demand for Burger Burger to grow nationally really was there, so you know what… we’re doing it! 

I hope you enjoy this first insight into the hearts & minds of the people, ideas & inspiration that keep our team thriving each and every day.  We will be posting all the content in each issue as a blog so you don’t miss out on anything. As always, if you’ve got any questions or suggestions of what you would like to hear from us in the next issue then please email us hello@burgerburger.co.nz.

Cheers to Burgers, Beers & Banter

Mimi & Team BB