The Job

You will be managing multiple restaurants in Auckland, acting like an owner, taking responsibility for all areas of operations. Success will come when you build and train the teams to execute to the standards you do.

Leadership & HR

Hire, train, and inspire your teams to be the best version of themselves though your own personal leadership style.


Make sure the lighting and music on point at all times. Ensure a clean, organised and inviting restaurant environment is operating.

Customer Experience

Make sure the customers are happy. Ensure this is done at all times.

Menu Execution

Ensure every bar menu item produced complies with the menu item guide specifications for that item.


Ensure that all restaurant operations are performed in compliance with all relevant regulations, laws, and organisational policies. 


Fix things quickly when they break. Make sure everything is maintained according to schedule.

Restaurant Systems

Ensure all Restaurant Management & I.T. Systems are used correctly and according to schedule. 

Wage & Stock Control

Proactively monitor, and oversee the wage and stock control system to ensure all targets are met. 

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Our Values

Be Powerful.

Being powerful is about working hard and doing a job you are proud of every single day. Powerful people are constantly evolving, looking for every opportunity to learn & develop their skills. They know that discipline, persistence, and doing things right is what will get them gains. Powerful people are constantly elevating their contribution to the team and we respect that.

Be Jazzy!

Jazzy people are the kind of people everyone wants to be around because they make the world a better place. They are respectful of others, kind, positive & solution-focused. Jazzy people bring the best version of themselves to work every single day because they know how infectious that positive energy can be and we respect that.

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